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My LIESE Bubble Hair Dye post!! ahax! 
i am loving LIESE! is so simple and easy and nice! 
just simple steps and there you go with awesome hair colour dye on you!  ♥

#things from the packet!
 they included instruction booklet so don't worry if you don't know how. :)
For me , i choze light colour, CHIFFON BEIGE! As i mentioned before, i have a very very dark hair. many hair dye don't works on me.  Therefore, i decided to have a try on LIESE and it works! :) so, if you have a very dark hair like mine , try on LIESE!  ♥

 ♥ the lighting from my table lamp! lol.

all the LIESE colours are awesome! wanna try on other next time! 

#1 pour the solution 1 into the white bottle. depending on your hair length.  then, close the cap with a pink one provided in the box. 
then turn it upside down or 45 degree slowly for around 5 times. until some bubbles were formed in the bottle. 
#2 slightly press on the centre of bottle to form foam like in the picture shown above! 
before applying on your hair , be sure to wrap yourself with some old cloth to avoid stanning on your shirt.  
#3 apply the foam all over your hair. like how you normally wash your hair. use it like a syampoo. 
#4 gently massage it with your finger tips or palm. do not massage vigorously . :)

#5 you can gather all your hair at the top to avoid foam dripping. 
#6 foam might disappear. keep on massage and those creamy foam will appear again. :)

you might take 30 minutes to do the foaming on your hair.
#7 while waiting , you can keep applying the foam at the roots of your hair. 

#8 now wait for another 30 minutes . Till the colour did changed like mine , then you can wash it with warm water and apply the conditioner lotion provided ! :)))

tadaa!! my outcome!! mine might look a little darker here in the picture due to the lighting.
it may vary too from your original hair colour. lighter hair colour resulted lighter colour and vice versa. 

still i am satisfy with mine!! 

if you don't understand the steps i listed , a video perhaps can help you more. ;)
enjoy!! LIESE Bubble Hair Dye makes hair colouring fun!! 

-peace out. off for pps. a post a day. :)


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