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Thursday, November 11, 2010 2 comments
 i suppose after eating it you feel like Maut? nahh,seriously no.
the way they cook or grill or what-so-ever you call it may for 'maut'. :)
 awesome road side stall burger. best everr. yep. 

finally , after my nags to fella friendsss who heard me alot, bragged all day long ,
 " i want to eat Burger Maut ,bring me go" 
well, since nobody decided to bring me go, i went for the self-seek and found.
big thanks to Miss Carynn Loh who explained quite a detail to me the location.
Is in Semabok. opposite Semabok Inn. 
ps: * you can ask me for futher details of the location.*

surprisingly , is just a small stall for a famous burger. i sort of thinking it was a shop.
i had a great conversation with the owner. They said they work so hard in these two years for today archivement. According to them too, their burgers of course is kinda famous in the internet these day. Many bloggers did internet-blog advertising for them. 
*like what i am doing now too* :))
Singaporeans love their burgers too.

3 men in the family selling burgers as their part time job to support the two daughters' high educations.
cool isn't it? 

i took some photos that day. enjoy! 

they offered reasonable price!! good!
cheap but great taste!

here it comes the big fire tingy!! 


their most famous burger fire pose!! 

the minced meat is the best!

i ordered for Burger Convert Double Special Beef Ramly.
the name also so glamor~~~ @@
minced beef...hmm........ah...i felt hungry dy.

burger lovers you should try it. good luck in finding the location.
they open daily except Sunday. from 8.30pm to 11.30pm


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