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Sunday, January 16, 2011 0 comments
Zhe Fuh had been telling me about this Kingtu Satay Celup located in Cheng , Melaka. Is quite pathetic that i am not aware of their existence when i live around the area. :( 

Finally we had them on our Friday night , two days ago. Surprisingly , they served quite a good one or even better than the local famous Capitol Satay. 
Each stick cost around RM0.60 

Be sure not to go during dinner time. Zhe Fuh said the shop gonna be flooded. Lots lots of people.

I provided a map and video show 认可 by " 阿贤人情味" - Taste With Jason

Creativity of using sewing machine to place the pot.. how cute is that... ;)) 

Of course i don't see that in other satay celup shop. That is why it makes the differences.

says Hi to Zhe Fuh.

ini kena curi tangkap wan. ><
me having hard time removing stupid plastic wrapping around my crabby stick. :(((

the aroma of the peanut. hmmmm....

another Iphone4 user. lol.
me Iphone hater. hahahaha.

btw~ thanks again to Zhe Fuh. XD

Visit KingTu to enjoy mouth watering satay celup. ;))

ps:// Pavilion Shopping Day tomorrow with mummy. Be back on Tuesday.
Snowflake im coming !! YAY!! 


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